Workouts That Burn Fat Better Than Running

Workouts That Burn Fat Better Than Running

Awesome Workouts that Burn More Fat Than Running

Whether you are a beginner or a fitness expert. We have all undoubtedly heard that running is the best way to burn calories and shed those extra pounds. Even if you are not in the best shape you can work your way up progressively to being a full-blown distance runner.

Running can be your stress reliever. It can boost your endurance. It can even make you feel good about yourself after a good hard run. However, there are easier ways to burn more calories than just running.

Director of the National Strength and Conditioning Association, Harold Gibbons says, “In general, you burn more calories by doing high-intensity weight training than you do running.”

Let’s say you are preparing for the Boston Marathon. You run each and every day. You train on the treadmill at a modest 10-minute mile pace which typically burns roughly 10 calories per minute. That’s awesome. If you run for 60 minutes you can burn around 600 calories. The faster you run, the more calories you burn. Nice!

But you are not a marathon runner. You hated gym class in school. As a matter of fact, you just found out that people actually pay for a place called the “gym.” There is no way you are going to punish yourself for an hour on the treadmill. What are you going to do?

Researchers from the University of Southern Maine found that weight training can burn up to 70% more calories than a simple run on the treadmill. If you add in high-intensity circuit workouts you can burn calories at a 6-minute mile pace.

But wait, you don’t want to be a bodybuilder either? No problem.

Luckily for you, there are a number of different exercises that can help you drop pounds and shed fat in no time.

Here are 10 exercises that incinerate the fat without having to ever run on the hamster wheel again.